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Ribbon Blender Most Widely Used

The ribbon blender is the preferred mixing device amongst most manufacturers and industrialists. The use of ribbon blenders favors them in terms of initial costs of purchase, maintenance requirements and costs of production per pound of product being produced. All associated costs of using the ribbon blenders remains low in comparison to all other industrial blenders in use. Ribbon blenders remain versatile to use in that they can be used in most industries, from the pharmaceutical industries to the food production industries, from the paint manufacturing industries to that of chemical processing factors, as well as plastics, clay, fertilizer, soils and even stucco. 

Two main styles inform the industrial ribbon blender. One will be what is known as a center bottom discharge while the other will be an end discharge blender. The first blender remains the more efficient to use. All ribbon blenders will include a counter current flow pattern inside the blending chambers. These help to keep batches of materials at its uniform height during blending operations. The best ribbon blenders on the market will always be fast blenders. They are also easy to load and unload. The blender’s horsepower can go as high as 150. All machines will be built and sized in accordance with its required bulk density.

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And in accordance with customers’ specified requirements, blenders will include specialized, customized features. In this industry it appears to be the case that the one size fits all module is not feasible or practical. Importantly, it will remain an industry requirement to provide users with high standards of safety and sanitation. When you think along the lines of producing food and medicines, this is almost a case of stating what should be obvious but certainly non-negotiable. Interestingly enough, only low levels of maintenance will be required to retain these standards.